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Providing Learning Skills about Generating Solutions of Refugee Parents Facing to Educational Problems of Their Children

Project Ref No: 2017-1-TR01-KA204-045870

IO3: An Applicable Training Module for Refugee Parents Including Social Integration, Providing Learning Skills and Adaptation


         The main aim of our training module, which we will build in the scope of the project, is to mobilize refugee parents in a lifelong learning model, to move them to the targeted point by restructuring and restructuring them to acquire new learning skills and to become individuals who continuously develop themselves, to raise awareness, as well as increasing the quality of education of their children. It is also important for refugee parents to improve their skills in problem solving, working with different people, developing themselves, using information communication technologies, and communicating with their children, both at school and with other parents. This educational program aims at seeking ways to strengthen emotional dimension through important / some empathic approaches which will enable refugees to strengthen communication and adaptation period and to ensure healthy process of communication. At the micro level, these objectives are planned to be implemented by various methods on the parents, one of the most important pillars of the education problem.